Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can answer your questions. If you have any additional questions about Coinchanger, Please send us a message any time .

01 What are common reason for an exchange to fail?

Though the majority of Coinchanger exchanges are successful, there are a few reasons that your exchange may fail. Some of our most common reasons for failure are expired timers, insufficient deposits, exchanges that are over/under the limitmultiple output transactions, and out of gas errors.

02 How to make an exchange on Coinchanger?

You need to choose the direction of exchange and fill out an application for exchange. Click the Exchange button and follow the instructions that you will see in the confirmation window of the exchange request. If you have any questions in the exchange process, please contact the operator via the online help chat.

03 How long can exchange take place?

Exchanges can take from thirty seconds up to several hours. If your exchange has not completed after 48 hours, please reach out to our support team. 

04 Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We have a very clear and transparent affiliate program, according to which you can receive 25% of our earnings for exchanging the users you cited. Remuneration payments are from 1 PMUSD. In your office you can track the operations of your referrals online. You can get acquainted with more detailed information after registration in your Personal Account.

05 What is Coinchanger deposit address?

Your Coinchanger deposit address is the address provided for you to send your coins to in order for the exchange to take place..

06 How do I find transaction ID (TXID)?

You can find your unique transaction ID (TXID) on the blockchain. Sometimes, it is also listed in your wallet as an identifier that your coins have been sent and confirmed. This article can help you locate it if you need to cite a transaction..

07 How often are you online?

We work 15 hours daily. Our Live Chat support is opened every day 8 hours per day or longer. Our time is GMT+1 (CET timezone), so it is possible to reach us from 9am GMT+1 till midnight.

08 What are minimum and maximum amount?

Coinchanger doesn’t have set amount restrictions. However, there are some cases when a minimum amount applies:

If an amount is very low, make sure that it will cover all required by a blockchain. This means that the amount you are going to send and the amount you are going to receive should be enough to cover input and output network fees taken by a blockchain.

09 Why does Coinchanger fix rate?

We don’t fix currency rates and never have because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, where the rate of any currency can fluctuate every minute. This is why the final rate may be slightly higher or lower than expected at the end of a transaction.
Keeping the rates fixed would require us to cover market risks and currency volatility, which as a result would make our commission fee much higher. Instead, Coinchanger charges a quite low commission fee (0.5%) for crypto-to-crypto swaps and offers the best available rate at the moment the transaction is completed.

10 What is Wallet Address?

A wallet is a digital place where you store cryptocurrency coins and tokens. combination of digits and wallet.

Coinchanger does not provide wallet addresses and never stores user deposits. To exchange cryptocurrencies on Coinchanger, you need to provide a wallet address where you can receive your exchanged currency.

11 What is recipient’s Wallet Address?

There is always a sender and a recipient. The recipient’s address is the wallet address that will receive currency you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy Ripple, you should specify an Ripple wallet address in the recipient field.

In general, the recipient’s wallet address is a customer's address Coinchanger will send coins to once a transaction is complete.


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